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Larry Brooks  Los Angeles, CA

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Larry lives and works out of Pasadena California. His work has been shown in galleries across California. He’s also a member of the California Art Club, The International Guild of Realism and the Oil Painters of America.

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"Never mind. I take it back. You have a right to your opinion."

"Ouch, Emily. What a nasty little commenter you are. I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about. BTW, I've been a well-paid award-winning designer for nearly 30 years."

"Very beautiful technique and style. You seem to have tremendous talent, but please, work on your composition. You are so talented i would love to see you do something less boring and uninteresting. Try figures. And look up some design books."

"I loved all the comments, even the slightly unfavorable ones. -Sorry I gave Mr. Sadler a headache! -Mac, Mostly oil, sometimes watercolor too.-iviegh, the flower. The heaviness of romance.-Glad some like the Paintings 1 section on my site, I've been doing those for a long time now. The other still lifes are much more recent, only the last 2 years."

"Really nice work Larry..We especially liked the "Black Pot" painting that is on your site.."

"Very nice. Don't quite get the flower, but the soft light illuminating the objects is very nice."

"love it...intensity, strong solid color and presence......"Daliish" Way to Go!"

"I see a very similar style to magritte, very nice, very different."

"It almost looks like it was made with computers."

"Nice work! I absolutely love it that realism has found a home in our new millenium and you are going with that genre. It is really fun too that you're creating obvious humor with visual reality. It "speaks" to us about your sense of humor and vision along with technical ability. I'll look forward to seeing more pieces."

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