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Christopher David White  Bloomington, IN

Ceramic, acrylic
'Pushing Up Daisies'
Ceramic, acrylic, polymere

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About Christopher David

Christopher David White is a trompe l’oeil sculptor whose works are handmade predominantly from clay and rendered with acute attention to detail, often resembling decaying pieces of wood, rusted metal, and other objects in various stages of deterioration. These works explore the relationship between humanity and nature and how both are in a constant state of flux between growth and decay. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Indiana University in 2012. He went on to receive his Masters of Fine Arts in Craft/Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015.

Christopher explains his work by saying, “Through the use of trompe l’oeil, we look closer; we rediscover the amazement, joy, and tranquility that come from our environment. At the same time, we witness our impermanence by evenhandedly dialing in on decay. Neither good nor bad, decay is simply a natural process of our world that at times can produce deeply moving and beautiful effects”.

Quick facts about Christopher David

Christopher is a recipient of the Windgate Fellowship and the Nick’s English Hut Award in Ceramics from Indiana University
His work has been shown in galleries and museums internationally, including Daejeon Museum of Art and Suwon I-Park Museum of Art in South Korea, Abmeyer & Wood Gallery in Seattle, and Hartwick University’s Foreman Gallery in New York.

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"Very intriguing! Christ-like...Is it wooden?"

"It's look peaceful"

"Awesome... great piece of art!"


"beautiful! you are a wonderful and inspiring artist! unbelievable that you mimic wood so perfectly"


"verrryy nice"

"we are protected in such a way"

"It looks like the hand of God."

"weird but still cool"

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