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Danielle Duer  Nashville, TN

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About Danielle

My head was always very tangled. I never thought of it as a bad thing, because it always kept me very busy. I could look into my head for decades of entertainment. As a child, I would carefully draw out what I would see there-Little women with wooden legs. I would give them melting hats that turned into spidersor teeth that would dangle into sunsets. Oh and birds”¦ dancing on their eyeballs or playing with decks of walls instead of cards. Images like those seem to pour right out of me. My thoughts were always so full that my art could hardly contain them. I would sit for hours in towers of markers
and would fill every single speck of a page with these very detailed, neatly patterned worlds.

I think of my childhood self as fairly dark. I was very taken care of, maybe too much so, but I was very scared and burdened with the boiling reality that real life would never be okay. Dressed neatly from head to toe in perfect pink dresses with lace and matching bows, the passing person never knew how far I had to run inside my head to escape my painful reality. I invented my worlds as a safe place that was full and unusual and the perfect place to hide.

As I got older, I chose to see the world differently. Though my imagination was still my safest escape, I learned to separate the truth from the lies. My work began to reflect the peace I was grasping on to and the pages didn’t seem so busy. The sharp edges became rounder and the hardness began to soften. I was able to concentrate more on the skill of my work than the places I needed to escape to. Because of the mazes I’ve traveled through inside my head, I am comfortable in the unusual.

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"Danielle, My name is Ben Morrow and I first observed your work in my coworkers office. It was certainly love at first sight. I emailed you and you offered that we have coffee, which I never got to do. I am interested in possibly doing that because I am very interested in how you got started painting and designing. Hope all is well with you and look forward to hearing from you! Ben p.s. I work at Cumberland Heights Treatment Facility."

"Fantastic. Fun, serious, original. Just as art should be. Pete"

"I love it! Deep and moving....there will be it!"

"Having a Danielle Duer painting in the house for the past five years, I feel theneed to express to other appreciators, the cool, deep effect the character in the painting has had on my life. This effect keeps me going. She is so beautiful. Her name is Untitled. Sigh. Dan"

"I love how people try to be smart and critique works on this website....that comment by Ryan L is ridiculous....He sounds like a jackass just out of or still in Art School....Paint well? What's that? Give it up buddy....who are you? You don't matter and neither does your opinion....Danielle...just keep are good."

"your work is beautiful and captivating."

"I like this. The yellow finger disturbs me quite a bit, but I really like the rest of it."

"I LOVE IT!!! but the woman looks so sad, :( and what is the yellow finger for? Keep up the amazing work!"

"Love this work. Love it. Love it."

"I love this style, it's soft with beautiful colors! Gorgeous!"

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