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Danny Quirk  Springfield, MA

'Masked Emotions (Me)'
'The Requited'

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About Danny

Danny Quirk is an artist and recent graduate from the Pratt Institute. He specializes in photo realistic watercolors and painting what the camera can’t capture.

Danny explains his work by saying, “My work is perceivably on the darker side, but the actually is, it’s about exploration. My two current bodies of work are of military, and anatomical themes. The military pieces were derived from countless interviews with military personnel deployed overseas, in the attempts to illustrate what they went through, the war in their eyes. My anatomical works combine classic poses, in dramatic chiaroscuro lighting, with a very contemporary twist… illustrating what’s underneath the skin, and the portrayed figure dissects a region of their body to show the structures that lay beneath.”

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"Yellow and butterflies one of my favoritesHave the ad cut out"

"Me gusta mucho este sitio, yo no tengo sitio.saludos"

"To me, Masked Emotions is an image of self absorbtion."

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