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Carina Crenshaw  Hamburg, Germany

Oil on canvas
'Stayed too long'
Oil on canvas

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About Carina

Carina Crenshaw a.k.a. “Sugah” works as an graphic designer and illustrator in Hamburg, Germany. Carina Crenshaw creates delicate paintings that experiment with color to convey different lighting conditions and moods. Crenshaw’s brushstrokes reminiscent are at times reminiscent of 20th-century abstract painting. Blocks of color are built up next to one another to create works that appear flat despite their luminous effect. Crenshaw’s works zero in on subjects’ faces and they don powerful expressions that seem to place them in rich narrative contexts that the viewer must piece together based on the limited information.

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"this is good -- it means that Earth-lings - are waking up"

"I absolutely love her work. I want it on my walls at home.It's awesome!"

"crazy cool!!!"

"What an awesome thought! Well done...."

"this is cool whats up with the eyesthough"


"i luv it"

"Hmm... Interesting"

"At first I viewed this pictures depostition as a man losing his eyes to seeing,hearing,and speaking no evil. But, now I see a couple who has lost their love to the evil and they sought out vengenace towards eachother."

"What could this artist be telling us?"

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