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Daniel Schuessler  Munich, Germany

'Crystal Falls'
Acrylic / Collage on canvas
'Pflege der Tauschungskunst'
Acrylic / Collage on canvas

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About Daniel

Daniel Schuessler was born in Munich and attended the Academy of Fine Arts there.

Daniel explains his work by saying, “In my paintings I attempt to unite parts of the existing world and its strange and mind-blowing implications with individual ideas and utopias, amalgamating them into a new, twisted concept of the world. This results in a distinctive visual language, such as an omnipresent religion which has long left its path of virtue and now seems to answer a call of offensive proselytizing. My paintings depict architectural situations such as a figure of the Madonna rising from a missile silo, fast food restaurants and amusement parks as disguised recruitment centres, or Victorian villas with pneumatic and protective characteristics. These architectural situations then enter into an interrelation with the landscape in which they are located. This is also an experiment to make the images I create reverberate on the threshold of an uncomfortable register. In my earlier works, only architectural ideas have been used to tease the viewer into entering this world, whilst in more recent works the human figure has appeared. This thus offers the opportunity to consolidate and progress the narrative aspects of my work.”

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"very nice stuff!"

"it is not necessary to give much of a commentary because all the pictures speak for themselves in their humble language and sneak their way into your heart.So just let yourself start dreaming and float away with their impressions."


"What a beautiful painting ."

"Did he paint this? Or is it a photo?"

"It looks as if Herr Schuessler randomly pulls his picture elements out of a hat. Absolutely the most facile and tedious "surrealism" I've seen since high school. A warehouse tour would be more interesting."

"not my fav"

"is it a cartoon?"


"absolutely breathtaking!"

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