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Vincent Carr  Kings Park, NY

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About Vincent

The majority of my sculptures are made from recycled materials and found objects. As a sculptor, it is satisfying to give new life to an old or obsolete object. Each object has a history and once had an important purpose. Who did it belong to” Where has it been” I believe that these questions make the entire experience more intimate.

I am always on the lookout for something interesting and unique. The object has to grab my attention. This central piece becomes my inspiration, and the rest of the work revolves around it. Some of my work reflects my serious side. Most of the time, my sense of humor takes center stage. Ultimately, my goal is to create something that I haven’t seen before.

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"Mr. Carr did you ever study in Minneapolis, I have a sketch from a V. Carr and was wondering if it might be you.thanks."

"I enjoy and appreciate your vision and resurrection of recycled material. I find a lot of originality in this concept. Something you don't see much of anymore. Job well done"

"love your work. don't ever stop making art."

"I like to think of your work as being whimsical, humorous and lighthearted. This is contrary to the opinion expressed by some of the other commentors. Great work Vincent."

"I am a big fan of Vincents stone and steel sculpture. The sculptures look great in an outdoor setting. Full of energy and fun."

"very intriguing. pun is not lost on the "bat". would like to see more."

"I enjoy it, very devilish and appealing. Plus I hate baseball, so I like the association of baseball with evil."

"Simply love your vision and technique. Would love to know more, like how do you get that rusted metal to wrap around stone? Have added your website to my bookmarks. Especially like the "Stone & Steel" series! ... Well actually all of it. Thanks."

"This artist disturbs me, and not in the powerful way you're supposed to get while observing truly fine- perhaps disgusting- art.As far as the above goes, I would say I'm only mildly involved, viscerally. However, I am curious as to what the subject matter is in the lower photo: truly twisted looking."

"Wow~ I love his use of found objects to create totally new ones. My favorites are the stone and steel and the animal sculptures. Beautiful things!"

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