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Antonio Cazorla  Punta Umbria, Spain

Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Antonio

Antonio Cazorla González was born in 1971 in Punta Umbría, Spain. From a very early age he showed an exceptional interest and aptitude for drawing and painting. This was further supported by his surroundings. By the age of ten he had already painted oil works.

After years of studying and exhibiting, in 1989 he initiated his studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville, where he took up residence. During those years his paintings evolved technically, maturing and becoming more personal. That evolution determined his professional course, and enhanced his critical and perfectionist characteristics.

His painting combines the domain of drawing, colour and technique, which reflect calmness and sensitivity. The treatment is delicate, exquisite and precise. It is construction and poetry. It is reality that captures the air and aura of the objects and figures represented. His paintings range over many subjects, from fruit or shells to nudes and landscapes. The aroma of the fruits can be perceived. The beach and the shells bring the breeze and the sea of his native land. Focusing on the beauty and sensuality of the female form, the lonely nudes show a high level of knowledge and technical brilliance.

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"I prefer his dunes paintings, although these are beautiful. Showing just these does, indeed, make him look like a creeper."

"soap opera lol"

"hahaha lol"

"@ 1st i thought it was real"

"akward creeper, does this make any one else think of that guy who randomly snuck into bed with that Oklahoman lady a long while ago?"

"Sensuality, indeed! Since when does art have to "qualify" itself as art? Expressionism, impressionism, realism... what about art that simply *evokes* an emotion or sensation, rather than implying a symbolic or metaphorical meaning?"

"Nothing creative about this... Looks like a photograph. Lots of technical skills but its not art to me. There is nothing expressed in these paintings. Who ever votes here clearly are not artist or collectors."

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