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Paul Rousso  Charlotte, NC

Mixed Media on Hand Sculpted Acrylic
'Crucifix 5'
Mixed Media on Hand Sculpted Acrylic

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About Paul

Paul Rousso began his studies at Ohio’s Cleveland Institute of Art and went onto earn his BFA from the California College of the Arts in 1981. He takes on pop culture and its inherent conflicting sensibilities with hyper-size sculptural work in his document series using unique mixed media on acrylic. Reaching dimensions of up to 4′ x 5′ in scale, Rousso plays on the ironic act of discarding elements such as money, candy wrappers, and magazine pages. For all of the production and manpower exerted in the crumpled appearance of these objects, Rousso’s satire lies in inflating their size to inescapable proportions. His practical experience in visual art was kick-started with stints as art director and freelance illustrator for Revlon, Clairol, Condé Nast, and Bloomingdale’s. He was also commissioned for a special project with the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina and as part of an interior design team for the home of Robert De Niro. His work has been exhibited at galleries in Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Miami.

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"OMG! Realism~"

"where can I purchase Mr.Rousso's work?"

"These are amazing! I looked on his website and he's got 50s, 100s, 500s, and even 1000s!"

"nice pic"

"I see how he enlarged the proportions of the bill to signify the grandiose importance society has placed on a nasty, crumpled piece of paper that ironically not so aesthetically pleasing, yet so praised. The sheer size is incredible. The hyperealism in this sculpture made me first believe it was an enlarged photograph. The beautiful detail is indisputable and the significance is subtle yet not without impact."

"This looks so cool, maybe i could be that good of an artist when i'm older."


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