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Carol Bennett  Koloa, HI

Oil on wood
Oil on wood

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About Carol

Carol Bennett’s paintings and works on paper are a poetic retreat from ordinary life, and an immersion in life below the surface – or specifically, as in her subject matter, below the surface of the ocean.

She takes the viewer underwater for a meditative journey where she seeks to find a state of being in “flow” – the suspension of self and of life as usual to a place where time slows down and the unexpected floats to the surface. For Bennett, in the way, the act of swimming underwater is similar to the process of painting.

Bennett’s approach results in multi-layered surfaces that are intricate, textured and unpredictable. She is constantly experimenting with her pieces: adding, subtracting, sanding and recoating. She experiments with various media, methods and materials combining ink, paint, mica and wax on wood and other surfaces to create images that are of the moment and unique to each piece.

Like the multiple layers that evolve into completed works, Bennett is inspired by the various ever-changing, interconnected details of her life and how they come together and affect the “big picture.” By revisiting these details, her artwork constantly reinvents itself.

Carol describes her work by saying, “I have an open and free-wheeling approach to technique and materials: hypothesis, experiment and conclusion. I am intrigued by the innate nature of different types of materials and the nature of things.”

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"Love your work, we will be in Maui on the 23rd for a month and would like to see more of your work. Do you have a website?"

"its a great painting"


"Seems like we get to look at an awful lot of "water" paintings lately. Is this the new aesthetic? Ripples, distorted reflections and underwater views of swimmers? Hmmm..."

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