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Dan-ah Kim  Brooklyn, NY

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About Dan-ah

Danah is a Brooklyn based artist and designer, dividing time between making art and freelancing in film and television. Graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design (Art Direction).

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"i absolutley <3 these and they are fantasticly inspiring!!! :):):)"

"I think there's a very lovely and sincere feeling to this artist's work."

"Love your use of colour and pattern. Absolutely gorgeous."

"I really enjoy your artwork, it reminds me of Yoshitaka Amano's fav is the angel flying with the flowers wrapping around its legs."

"Beautiful work. I would love to be in your world."

"Both paintings are beautiful, they create warm and positive energy. Thanks for sharing."

"The picture from google was not my favorite. No offence....looks like someone swimming and passing "flower" gas?! However, I did enjoy the majority of the paintings on the web site. The bird picture above is interesting. I love the cat in the trunk of the tree. I like how the artist limits the color pallet."

"Somebody said she loves to see this painting in "true realism". I wonder if she realized what she said.:-)"

"No painting is true realism. Reality is overwhelming to the senses so all painting is a reduction of reality so that it is comprehensible. This has been the tradition for 3,000 years. Even "true" realism or photorealism are actually reductions of reality and not true or perfect at all. Dan-ah Kim has chosen the path of many of her contemporaries: cartooning and/or retropop. Din-ah even has panels that are #'d in a series. Suggesting a larger narrative or dare I say comic book. This is perfectly natural in a horrible world we live in. The truth of our existence is terrible and overwhelming.Dan-ah Kim is very successful and poignant. I would not change a thing or like a house of cards it would all come tumbling down. It is exquisite and timorous and vigorous so accept it on its own terms and get out of your world for awhile and try on Dan-ah Kim's vision for awhile.Spiritually this is verily leaning towards Buddhism and that seems appropriate."

"Beautiful work. Do you have any upcoming shows planned?"

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