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Jon Todd  Ontario, Canada

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About Jon

I am an Interpretive Illustrator who displays intense understanding and interpretation of each of his diverse pieces. I am known for utilizing the old with the new and visits antique stores for items to integrate into his unique style of work. I have been recognized by being awarded for five pieces in the Applied Arts Magazine Annual 2005. My artwork is now on display at the Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal.

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"This is beautiful, I love the roughness on the body where the tattoos are. The textures and patterns work so nicely."

"21st century Medusa"

"Picasso is into the Goth/Punk scene!Great concept, congratulations."

"Gustav Klimt meets Margaret Keane meets Jon Todd - nice evolution"

"i like the eyes, the three of them. but the symbols of death are way out of place in this beautiful piece."

"the color schemes are yummy, especially the piece with purple and red that's on his website. it's kind of boring the way the same female figure is re-done in each piece and that the face holds no humanity. it would make a great cartoon, a beautiful and artistic cartoon but i would not hang it on my wall. it seems like the boobs have more realness to them than any other part of the art. i'm curious how antiques are incorporated and i actually really dig all the design elements that are added. good illustrator, okay artist. find something to say besides look at this asian girl. sorry if i'm being harsh."

"your art is amazing . i've never seen anything like it . you are a wonderful artist"

"Mr. Jon Todd is on his way to success. He sold a painting to the Julian Schnabel collection. His resume is impressive. Now the art.I like it. I am amazed that it features the female face as its center point. The female face is the #1 iconography of the last couple hundred years. Here he has a cartoonish one that he pretty much sticks with. Helps people to remember your work. "Oh yeah, he's the guy that does the asian chicks"Mr. Todd shows full fluency in painting skills. He incorporate Asian influences which is paints. He mixes oriental and occidental cultures. Even in his patterning.My only objection was the faux-amateur scribbling he does in blank spaces in hisart. I did not like them at all at first. But I'm softening my stance against them. It is just an art historical tool to separate him from the past. I'm still ambivalent but I think I could grow to accept them. But faux-amateur? How low can you go just to be distinctive?"

"This art is amazing. Its so inspiring and its the best ive seen so far on this site."

"i love the creativity and wonder you put into your work! i also love the way you draw the character's hair! very nice! and it adds a sense of mystery!"

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