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Claire Droppert  Rotterdam, The Netherlands

'Silent series'
'Silent series'

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About Claire

Claire Droppert is a 36-year old graphic designer/photographer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

She explains her work by saying, “I’m inspired by the line where simplicity and minimalism are wed and believe that new editing techniques that can blur this line. I have a strong preference for landscapes, and desolate/open spaces. There is a distinctive silence to be found in my work.”

Claire appears in the following Top 10 lists

'The Sea'


'The Netherlands'



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2013-04-02 @ 10:32 AM
Big smile!! :)

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that is the true beauty of the earth. you are a great artist



Llora laLuz de tan Al Norte_Ya Amante del Agua_::_

Cool Is that a Painting or a Photo


real good

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