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Scott Carruthers  Perth, Scotland

'Roll the dice'
'Kid For Today'

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About Scott

Scott Carruthers is a painter based in Perth, Scotland who’s work is inspired by children, childhood and the “life journey”.

Scott explains his work by saying, “I paint observations of life, particularly the adventures of childhood, the experiences of growing up along the life journey, and carving out a story. I’m fascinated with the use of metaphors to illustrate these stories, which can allow for different interpretations from one person to the next. Painting the characters in a naive, cartoon like style helps represent the childhood aspect of the work, adding humor and accentuating the innocence of children. My paintings are thought provoking and allow the viewer to get lost in their imagination and maybe take them back to a simpler time.”

He continues, “I feel keeping the background clean and sparse, free of any real landscape; means the essence of the narrative, often with the use of objects and symbols, and the children themselves are the focus of the viewer’s attention.”

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"Wow, love these. Just been looking at his 'Life is a Game We Play' series on his website. Genius."

"Great work Scott! Childhood and life stories displayed in symbolic form allowing for individual interpretation. Right up my street."

"Great to see such originality, in thought and execution. Excellent."

"wat does that mean"

"Scott's figure drawing classes must have been very ...uh...simple."

"fun ,game board"

"WEIRD wow lol brb"

"that cute"


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