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David Charles Williams  Cardiff, UK

'Lost For Words'
Oil on canvas
'The Eternal Bliss of an Absent Mind'
Oil on linen

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About David Charles

David Charles Williams is a British Artist living and working in Wales where he makes paintings that are pithy, punchy and to the point. Williams considers himself a painter who straddles upon the ideology of Abstract painting referencing ‘Baroque’, ‘op art’ and ‘color field’ sensibilities. Adopting a circular motif which he refers to as his ‘centered paintings’. His practice uses a language of contrasting ground rules, where rigid structure sits in conjunction with phenomenological principles and human instinct.

Williams’ narrative resides within the philosophical, where he supposes the division between the ‘Natural’ and the ‘Synthetic’. Williams’ work is full of romantic gesture with an uncompromising spark of intent. He draws from the past, looking ever further forward, whilst standing right in the present.

Williams has an enriched Arts background, training and working within Fine Art, Music, Fashion, Graphic Design, Film and Computer Aided Arts and Media.

David explains his work by saying, “I endeavor to make beautifully constructed paintings that impact upon the viewer where I will to surpass meaning, enlighten the realization of ‘now’ and rouse the contemplation of a moment if just for a moment, inspired by ‘Nature’ and the Nature of ‘Self'”.

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"A fine artist worthy of much more exposure & success in the future."

"david charles williams paintings are like a breath of fresh air .so different yet so familiar,so wide but so compact, so refreshing ."

"that is so cool!"

"I guess it's OK for carnival midway inspired turntable painting, but his statement is sooo much more creative than the paintings. How in the world does this artist's work "straddle... the ideology of Abstract painting referencing ‘Baroque’, ‘op art’ and ‘color field’ sensibilities"? How, exactly, does one "suppose" the division between the ‘Natural’ and the ‘Synthetic’? And, what in his images comprises anything akin to "romantic gesture"? I'm underwhelmed."


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