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Sandra Chevrier  Montreal, QC, Canada

'La cage tel un ballet tragique qui commence dans le ciel'
Mixed media on paper
'La Cage dans un corridor de détritus'
Mixed media on paper

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About Sandra

Sandra Chevrier is an artist and full time mom living in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Sandra explains her work by saying, “I often give human and animals the main roles in my paintings The aesthetic of the pieces seduces and plays a prevailing part. But, there’s always a social message hiding behind it.”

She continues, “I started a year ago working on a new series called ‘’Cages’’. I used to work in a really controlled and hyper realistic way. One day, I was doing crafts with my kid, and just started painting with loose and heavy textures of paint on some of my old drawings of women portraits. I found that there was something really interesting there. And since then, I’ve been working on this idea for the last past year, trying new things, and playing with it.”

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"that looks cool"

"Very interesting and well executed."

"love it"

"luv it aazing"

"This is a great mix for sure; it is too bad that the white ground doesn't mix as well with blown-up comic book grids/frames that surround the images. That only need to show parts of changing environments and not necessarily action figures. Just a thought. They would tend to look less illustrative. The image might even become illusive and more optical in places. a poet artist friendRH Peat."


"I like the superheroes."

"in a world full of masked swatt teams and terrorists nice break from the all black look"

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