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Olga Valeska  Chambery, France

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About Olga

Olga Valeska is a 21 year old fine art photographer from Chambery, France.

She explains her work by saying, “My approach is quite specific and based on a deep introspection’s exercise. I need loneliness to create because it is loneliness that gives me the desire to create, that’s why I do self-portraits. I need to detach myself from the reality of the world. It’s a a journey inside myself where I discover new places every day. But what I reveal in my photography is also my vision of this world which I’m trying to explore and understand. I wish more than anything to give meaning to existence. I take pictures to show to this world that I love it and that I hate it all at once.”

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love it, extraordinary

This is absolutely beautiful!

a Photographer that truly LOVES nature - Amazing.

The second photograph is stunning " not that the first one isn't beautiful, but the second one feels like what would happen if the Victorian era bed with a fairy tale illustration.

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