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Jeffrey Palladini  San Francisco, CA

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About Jeffrey

Much of my work brandishes a sort of ambiguous eroticism ‘ a vaguely (and sometimes not-so-vaguely) sexual tension that shows through even the most neutral imagery. The multiple figures which populate many of my recent works share narratives that are compelling but not quite overt, encouraging the viewer to project their own stories and points of view into their interpretations.

The pattern elements in my work serve as a sort of undercurrent. The metaphorical, the metaphysical. The subliminal, the subconscious. The passage of time, unspoken connections, a sense of place. With the comparatively concrete elements, like figure, the combination produces an interesting duality: the visual equivalent of the said and the unsaid, text and subtext.

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"Is there some other kind of underlying message in the work shown?"

"the work of jeffrey palladino is very interesting to view collectively. the thread of connection is quite intimate and emotionally satisfying. it's a world which reminds us of the five senses and how gratifying those senses are in our possession."

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