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Martin Wittfooth  Brooklyn, NY

Oil on canvas
Oil on linen

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About Martin

Martin Wittfooth’s oil paintings envision landscapes in the quiet and haunting aftermath of unchecked progress, pursuits of power and wealth, ignorance, and war: the forecasted dystopias of our time. Laced with symbolism and allusions to contemporary themes, issues, and fears, Wittfooth’s work attempts to engage both the eye and the mind of the viewer: an invitation to enjoy the aesthetic, but to also think of what may lie beneath it (and perhaps, ahead of us).

Wittfooth’s art has been published in a variety of media, including a large range of snowboards, album covers, and magazines and is owned by many international collectors. He lives and paints in Brooklyn, New York, where he draws visual inspiration from a variety of other artists, old Flemish paintings, frames, and mostly, but sadly, the news.

Via La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Recommended by our guest curators

K. Cromwell & J. Karp

Owners, Gallery 1988

"We've been lucky enough to have Martin's oil pieces included in a few group shows over the past 8 years, and every single piece he's delivered is better than the last. He's one of the few artists in our "scene" who's able to seamlessly meld influences from the masters with a younger aesthetic, all while creating a universe that only he knows the secrets to. He's one of our absolute favorite gallery artists working today, and technically he's in a league of his own."

Kirsten Anderson

Owner, Roq La Rue Gallery

"I think Martin paints some of the most powerful works in contemporary art today. They are both divinely beautiful and absolutely disturbing, which makes them completely mesmerizing. I've seen a few of his paintings which actually made me tear up a bit- not to be corny about it. His ability to transmit a power social political message you don't want to hear is pretty stellar."

Marco Mazzoni

Milan, Italy artist

"I think he's one of the best contemporary colorists, and his concept is very strong, revolutionary in some way, because he speaks about another possible world."

Michael Ruple

Director, Arcadia Contemporary

"I've had the pleasure of getting to know Martin over the past few years and (we only live a few blocks away from each other in Brooklyn) its has been a real honor to see the works and the individual evolve with each experience, painting and exhibition. His works have a dystopian point of view but if you look just beyond the surface you'll find a real sensitivity for the human condition which is the true inspiration for the work."

David Lyle

New York, NY Artist

"Martin is a painters painter. Amazing painting techniques, applications, and usage of color. Also his subject matter is always on point with the chaos of humanity."

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"this is really pretty! you go Martin! :p"

"Excellent blend of colors and detail but reminds me of possible congenital defects after World War III."


"Clever, imaginative, apocalyptic, but lacking real depth and substance."

"the hot wheel painting made me think of my childhood and happy memories"

"Nice mix of classical style with modern subject matter. I really like these."

"Wow Martin,I am impressed by your art and that your work has almost sold out before your show has opened!Hot damn boy! I may come and see the show since I am in LA too."

"Mesmerizing visually, Martin's use of earthy colors that are familiar paired with subjects that we don't want to think about; destruction, change & time passing, is just WOW!!!I love it!!!!!"

"wow... i really love this... its like absolutely amazing!!! it kind of reminds me of this repetitive nightmare i had as a child. but i really love it!!! i feel connected to them for some reason (lol) but it's aa-maaaa-zing!~me"

"Perfect timing for your opening in Copro-Nason. Great marketing!!!"

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