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Alex Roulette  New York, NY

'Smoke bomb'
Oil on panel
Oil on panel

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About Alex

Alex Roulette is a New York based artist who earned a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and an MFA from Columbia University.

Alex explains his work by saying, “Through painting, I depict fictional and occasionally fantastic scenes that explore the blurred sense of time and place within memories. The dreamlike landscapes incorporate familiar elements of suburban life that both stylistically and symbolically represent a quasi-nostalgic ordinariness. The isolation and dislocation of cars, houses, and figures, and the exploration of subtle spatial relationships, recall the hazy state of dreams in which certain details fall into place while others fade away into the unconscious.”

He continues, “I begin each new work by gathering a large collection of source material. I meticulously photograph environments and collect found images such as vintage postcards. In constructing the painting, I use combinations of these reference images, to fabricate an open-ended narrative with the emotion of a memory. Drawing collages of image fragments onto panels before painting them in oil. The resulting paintings are both realistic and subtly uncanny, recalling some idealized vacation and a deeply personal longing for past experiences.”

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"Just the IMMENSE STUPIDITY AT ITS FINEST, good artwork though!"



"dam son"

"luv the color"

"I love the surreal quality of this suburban scene. The artist knows what he is talking about in his note.To me it seems to evoke certain archetype's of modern man.If I had any wealth at all I would certainly be a buyer!"


"Wow thats cool how can they make that"


"i like that!"

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