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Clare Haley  Yorkshire, UK

'Glorious, ever-changing'
'Darkness descends'

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About Clare

Clare Haley studied at Bradford and Cleveland in the late eighties and moved back to Yorkshire from Ireland to work in the design industry until 2010.

Clare describes her work by saying, “My inspiration comes from a fascination with the raw landscape and how the weather forces dramatic consequences in cloud and light. The sky plays a crucial part in how the landscape comes alive through light, shadow, moisture and movement. Paintings may be places I know around Yorkshire and beyond, or a pure figment of my imagination, drawing the elements together into a timeless landscape to step into. I paint in oils, and love the way this medium responds when I work. The whole anticipation of what may be. Artistic fulfillment comes when the viewer connects with the painting whether through mood or memory, or as a piece of visual artwork in which to escape.”

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'Mountain Views'

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"Thankyou so much for your comments regarding my oil paintings. What a great site for connecting artists and art appreciators to showcase their work and thoughts - so personal and insightful."

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"Incredibly beautiful and inspiring painting. Passionate and very moving. Almost feel the atmosphere."

"Very good Clare Haley"

"Unique. Love it"


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