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Giulio Golinelli  Bologna, Italy

Polymer clay, acrylic
'Wizard of Oz'
Polymer clay, acrylic

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About Giulio

Giulio Golinelli is an Italian sculptor and illustrator who makes cartoonish polymer clay sculptures that can be easily mistaken for digitally created CG models. His 360 degree creations range from digital modeling to physical sculptures.

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1 comment from the artist

"Yes Linda you are right!!!! I love modeling my sculptures ;)"

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"These... are AWESOME. Wonderful design and detail, and I love how their personality shines. How long does it take to create one of these?"

"That's really cool"

"dragon is cute"

"Giulio,The whimsical nature of your characters is astounding. Looking at them is like travelling through a child's unbridled imagination. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us!Sincerely,Lynet"

"Your work is incredible. Thank you for sharing!"

"Wow... I had to interrupt my boyfriend as he was playing Guild Wars to make him look at this.He was mad, but I think you're brilliant!"

"wow, you are really talented. thank you for sharing your talent! I love these. they are so adorable!"

"creepy looking a little"

"I bet you had fun doing these."

"Looks like my mum"

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