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David Titterington  Lawrence, KS


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About David

David Titterington was born in Kansas City earned a BFA and an MFA from the University of Kansas.

David explains his work by saying, “Most of my paintings riff on themes of death, landscape, hidden imagery, and the body. I am motivated by my need to draw attention to nature and spirituality. Textures and atmospheres intrigue me – the way light falls over forms and fills spaces. I am excited by illusionism, myth, and magic. I think magic and art have many things in common. With my paintings I am conjuring states and ideas inside others. My painting process is traditional: many layers of semi-transparent paint begin with loose and rhythmic brush strokes. I enjoy how the nature of the paint itself reflects the fluidity and luminosity found in both inner and outer worlds. I never know exactly what the finished image will look like when I begin. Unforeseen problems require creative solutions, new ideas emerge from the destruction of old ones, and my own understanding of the picture evolves through process and intuition.”

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