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Regina Davis Izaguirre  New York, NY

'The idea of home'
Oil on canvas
'After darkness (I hope for) light'
Oil on canvas

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About Regina Davis

Regina Davis Izaguirre is a a self-taught dual citizen Mexican-American artist currently living in New York City.

Regina describes her work by saying, “In my paintings I present images composed of diversified interpretations of the human figure in conjunction with elements of nature and mystical imagery and iconography. This surrealistic body of entities may be interpreted within various realms; the first is presented to us as a fraction of time frozen within the narrative of a tale. It depends on the viewer to define the harmonious or dysfunctional character of it. The second realm of interpretation turns the beholder’s vision towards one-self; depending on the level of vulnerability that the viewer adds, these images open an opportunity for search, analysis and self-discovery. This is where my inspiration starts. With the interpretation of the human figure as the central component in the paintings, juxtaposed with symbolic elements of the natural world and religious iconography; this body of work represents my views of contemporary cultural identity and spirituality, having the purpose of questioning the viewer’s inner self, evoking us to take a stand in our own beliefs. I allude to my life, to literary works, to imagery, and philosophy. I am referring to text, theory, idea – but I am also finding myself already there, looking out to see in.”

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"why does she have birds in her hair?"

"big hair"

"I have been working on my birds nest of a hair tangle for the past 2 days while listening to inspirational music for moral support as I cry for my lost locks. Now I will look at R. D. I.'s images for that extra boost to the finish line. This artist channels the "skin tones" of the Master's. Love her work!"


"simply beautiful!"


"crazzy butr cool"

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