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Beth Wold  Grand Forks, ND

'Namib XVIV'
'Namib VI'

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About Beth

Beth Wold is a fine art photographer specializing in landscape and wildlife photography. Although Beth is a North Dakota native and resident, she spent 17 years abroad in Africa where her passion for wild places and wild things was ignited. Inspired by line and form as well as negative space, her wildlife photographs are modern and celebrate the individuality and grace of her subjects. Beth’s landscapes tend toward intimate views of the landscape and are often abstract in form. Her work has been collected and displayed on four continents, and she was recently named “North Dakota Artist of the Year” by Twin Cities Tosca Magazine. Several photographs have been given awards in juried art competitions. Beth earned a Bachelors of Arts from the University of North Dakota.

Beth explains her work byt saying, “I love abstract and intimate views of the natural world. I find exquisite beauty in the desert, the desolate and the sublime. I’m drawn to the wild animal with scars from a difficult, harsh life – those scars are beautiful – won through surviving. The subjects that draw me in are sparse, and minimalist, with shapes and lines that catch my eye and my imagination. Form is as important to me as any other element of photography – even the light. The negative space is often just as important as the subject. I generally go into the field without pre-conceived plans. I want the place, and time to inspire me. I do research, sometimes I plan portfolios, but I usually don’t plan specific photographs. The moment in time is a essential element in my work.”.

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