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Trevor Young  Washington, D.C.

'Super Convenient'
Oil on canvas
'3 Squares'

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About Trevor

Trevor Young is an American painter based out of DC. He paints “non-places” – ATM’s, Gas Stations, Airports, Fast Food Restaurants. Places that we take for granted but are an integral part of our world. Late at night Trevor drives around searching for these glowing islands of artificial light. He photographs them and then uses the images to paint the essence of each place. His paintings are ethereal and seem to glow with an inner light.

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"Great Work! The "everyday" always becomes the most interesting element of any work of art when viewed from a future perspective. When I look at a painting of say, a great battle from the past, it's the wardrobe, the jewelry worn, the hair styles or the contents of the nearby cart that grab my attention. Mr. Young is providing that type of image for future viewers. I can almost hear a future voice say, "What's gas?" TYJ"

"Getting real. I like that shit. We're weird man...we're weird."

"I love his work, his paintings of "non-spaces" - check out his website."

"Really thought provoking compositions, and a very unusual approach to looking at things"

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