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Philip Saxby  Columbia, TN

'Infectious Konfectious Konnection'
Acrylic on wood
'To observe and reject when pigs lie'
Oil on wood

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About Philip

Born in Detroit and raised near Nashville, TN, Philip Saxby started painting at the age of 5 under the guidance of his grandfathers, a self-taught Mexican oil painter and a European wood sculptor. Both nurtured Philip’s innate passion for expression through art. His artistic family heritage provided Philip the opportunity to explore different cultures’ traditions and blend those elements into a singular original and visually engaging style.

His working-class upbringing instilled the concept of “The Common Man”, ordinary people with machines, a concept expressed through many of his pieces. Although his work to date ranges from portraits, landscapes, complex allegories with often visually disturbing concepts, he consistently explores psychological experiences. Incorporating the elements of artists such as Nicola Verlato, Valerio Carruba, and Vladimir Cora with nuances of work by Edouard Manet and Francis Bacon, his work blends techniques and forces audiences to look. Once viewers look, Philip’s technical skill captivates their attention and forces them to feel the experience. As a result, viewers often walk away from his art with conflicting emotions. Observers frequently express how “disturbing”, “alluring”, “calming”, and “visually addictive” his pieces are.

After years experimenting with various mediums including acrylic, sculpture, drawing, and mixed media, Philip is currently using oil on wood, a tribute to the work of his grandfathers. Philip Saxby holds a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Austin Peay State University with an emphasis on painting and drawing. Phillip’s work has been displayed in London and several US cities. He has been featured in numerous shows and publications.

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"I have got a oil painting that is sign by SaxBY. Can not find another copy anywhere. Would love to know more about it. It is pretty crazy. would love to send a pic so you can tell me more about it. Thank you so much."

"Philip's work is amazing! I recently saw some of his work at the Ann Nathan Gallery in Chicago. If you're in the area, go see it in person. The pictures don't do it justice."

"BTW - I love this artist's work. Fascinating."

"This site is funded? It's going away? Probably one of the few things I look at each and every day. If Wikipedia can ask for donations (I gave one), then why no this site? Sometimes all you got to do is ask."

"Mr.Saxby,I,found your work to be very interesting & I'd like to see more. thanks Cindy R."

"I think that it would be a waste & an outrage! to take away this site. funding & help for the small town artist & all unknown artist alike has been cut out ,for artist like myself & many others I'm sure,this site is one of only a small few places that I have to go to.To feed myself of the love I hold in my heart to create & evolve & inspire my inner artist .bottom line...please dont take away my favorite place to connect to all artist...thanks Cindy R. of nashville tn."

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