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Matthew Curry  Washington, D.C.

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About Matthew

Matthew Curry is a GRAMMY Nominated designer, illustrator and painter that resides and works from his studio in the Washington DC area and is the principal of the design studio, Imagefed. As a designer, Matthew’s work has been featured in Communication Arts Design Annual #47, STEPINSIDEDesign Magazine’s “Best of the Web”, Computer Arts, XFUNS and etapes international. Matthew’s ability to blur the lines between design and illustration has garnered him a varied and unique client list providing creative solutions for and including; ESLMusic, Thievery Corporation, Dodge, XM Radio, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Conde Nast Publishing, Lamar Snowboards, Budwesier and Flavorpill.

In addition to his commercial work as an illustrator and designer, Matthew’s personal artwork has been commissioned for use on magazine covers, limited edition products, snowboards, and can also be found on exhibit in numerous art and design related publications, galleries, and venues all over the world.

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"cool................. :):):):):):):):):]"

"very cool"

"Some of the work on your website looks like the Boggy Creek monster (from Fouke, Arkansas)- it brought back childhood memories!"

"Aside from all the good stuff, it looks like you are using tube colors or you mix up a color and just use that--especially in the older pictures on your website.The first painting on this page has 4 colors and the bottom one has 3 colors. I'm all for a limited palette but it looks like a lithograph in your painting. Sorry to be critical. Congratulations on your enormous commercial art and gallery success."

"this is so cool! i like both of them a lot! they make me hungry lol i dont know why"

"The first is a little too dark and "metal" feeling for me. The second is more pleasing for me. The first and featured on the webpage is too busy, and leaves me feeling cold. The second fella is a little more entertaining...he's more interesting and I like the movement in the flows."

"Really wonderful stuff! Please check out my site--I think you might like my stuff, too."

"Great! Vibrant with out being muddy."

"This art style is one that I really have learned to like a lot lately. The artist here seems to have an expert grasp of it, especially in the 2nd picture.Awesome, very awesome."

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