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Art Venti  Los Angeles, CA

'The New Requiem'
Colored Pencils
'Engaged in Metamorphesis'
Colored Pencils

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About Art

Working predominately in colored pencils, Art Venti creates amorphic shapes, gracefully caught in a moment of movement. With intense detail, Art’s dream-like penciled landscapes have the translucent quality of watercolors. Art’s surreal and rhythmical work has been shown in numerous juried shows.

Art explains his work by saying, “I have been an artist since childhood.I consider that the best is still ahead of me. It is my identity. I draw, paint and sculpt. For more than a decade now, my subject matter in art has been based on theories of a futuristic world. All my work has originated from or related to, cast off objects and recycled materials. My first major drawing on paper series, begun end of 2008 into 2009, The Peripheral World (or Peripherals), was first inspired by thrown away paper tissues, and creased papers. I have aspirations and plans for larger and more complex pieces.”

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'Penciled In'


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"it's just ammezing. Wow! 3D, You have captured it with colored pencils."

"This is amazing work. A true mastery of the medium."

"Colored pencil?! Amazing! So ethereally beautiful, and such depth! I think I could look at any of your drawings for hours and not tire of them!! I'm thinking about buying a print as a belated birthday gift to myself! (April 14, 19??) ;-D"

"Beautiful and fantastic mastery of your medium.I really like this. But after looking at 2 or 3 pieces it kind of grows old."

"This is colored pencil? Magnificent. Love your work! The scale and the color palette you use are fantastic. The mood your work creates makes me feel like I'm floating in the air and under the sea. A pleasure to behold! On a more personal note and please excuse me but I must say this to you....I love your long beautiful white mane. TYJ"

"Wow! 3D, You have captured it with colored pencils. So amazing. Stunning."

"Wow. Love this. Very unique."

"This is beautiful and so dreamy!"


"As a fine art photographer I marvel at such fascinating use of light and shadow... with a pencil, absolutely extraordinary!"

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