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John Franzen  Maastricht, The Netherlands

'Each line one breath'
Aluminium sheet, permanent fineliner
'Each line one breath'
Aluminium sheet, permanent fineliner

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About John

John Franzen was born in Aachen, Germany. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, Netherlands 2002-2007, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Working in various disciplines and materials, he focuses on the theme and production of complex frames of concepts with the focus of the inherent primordiality.

John explains his work by saying, “This work titles a collection of morphogenetic freehand drawings, which focuses on an artistic and graphic interpretation of evolution through the use of simple drawn lines. The collection starts from the premise that the initiation of any drawing, its fundamental prerequisite – a line – coincides with the most basic and transcendental state of life, the perception of breathing. In extent, I abstain from any kind of redundant artistic strategies such as figuration or the social, political, economic or cultural meaning within the work. By only focusing on a scientific framework and context, I aspire to reach that very bottom of essentiality I am looking for. Starting with a straight line, I draw each following sequence by copying the character of the previous. I concentrate on breathing and focus on drawing the successor. Again and once more. Again and again.”

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""The same organising forces which gave a form to nature in all its forms are also responsible for the structure of our mind…" Werner Heisenberg"

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