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Satoshi Komatsubara  Tokyo, Japan

Chinese ink on canvas/walls
Chinese ink on canvas/walls

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About Satoshi

Satoshi Komatsubara was born in Nara, Japan. He attended Osaka University of Art for his undergraduate studies and is currently pursuing graduate work there as well.

Satoshi explains his work by saying, “My art is a submersive experience where my installations occupy every inch of your visual field. Left, right, up down, your in my world. A world I’ve created. A world that\’s never ending where every piece is connected to the last and no one can ever critic an individual piece of my work as every pieces a continuation from the last.”

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"love it"

"Kool it looks so amazingly well drawn"

"Its beautiful!"


"You can't say that no one can critique your work. A critical perspective is important to the understanding or interpretation of any work of art."



"oh how I wish I could see this in person. the only thing I can see from here is there is something spectacular I'm missing. woo to me! :-("

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