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Demetri Papacharalampos  Atlanta, GA

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About Demetri

Demetri got his first camera at age twelve and he hasn’t stopped taking photographs ever since. From an early age he realized that there is more to photography than snapshots of family and friends. He was attracted primarily to nature and travel subjects, attempting to transcend simple recordings of events or places, and instead capture their spirit.

Demetri’s latest photographic work pushes the envelope of classical photography. Using scanners, he captures the finest details of flowers and other objects in ways that are not possible with traditional cameras. The unique lighting techniques applied combined with high resolutions in the range of 50 to 100 mega-pixels enhance the translucency of his subjects and at great magnifications they reveal anthropomorphic or zoomorphic features. He photographs flowers while they are wilting, capturing moments in reality that are usually overlooked. Observers are invited to discover another world full of delight and expressiveness.

His photographs, although totally in the digital domain, are not manipulated with image processing software. They are true representations of the actual subjects. Because of the high resolution used in the capturing process, prints of tiny specimens can be made four feet or larger without any visible degradation of the image quality, resulting in larger than life depictions.

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