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Seitaku Aoyama  Encinitas, CA

'One suit, flowers, you and me'
Acrylic on wood panel
'Superior driver'
Acrylic on wood panel

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About Seitaku

Seitaku “TAK” Aoyama is a Tokyo-born painter currently living and working in California. He began his education at a progressive kindergarten in Tokyo where he engaged in a very hands-on art-centric education. Being surrounded by custom-made one-off products rather than mass-produced goods, Tak started off early finding the beauty of creating and discovered his affinity for adaptability.

Studying economics at university in Tokyo, Tak spent a few years in the orthodox corporate world at a Korean global corporation. He had to move forward from the chance to secure his corporate career and look for creative ways to constantly evolve. Tak started working nights to save money and found himself in California where he studied art and industrial design.

Seitaku explains his work by saying, “According to the law of conservation of mass, everything that is generated on this planet stays on this planet changing its form. Through my art endeavors, I aim to challenge, reveal and connect ever-changing multiple aspects of our lives.”

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