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Roeland Kneepkens  Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Roeland

Born in 1978 in the Netherlands, Roeland graduated at the Royal Art academy in Hertogenbosch in 2004. Roeland has had several exhibitions in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, France, Poland and the USA.

Fascinated by the life of 19th and early 20th century elite and the dedication to their appearance Roeland was inspired to create work which breathes the atmosphere of this period. Using friends, colleagues and sometimes complete strangers to model in his work he manages to create a link between these different era’s.

It’s typical for Roeland’s works to be painted with a loose streak and an eye for detail. He likes to paint people the way they would like to see themselves, with the right clothes and attitude. His use of color is also striking and he likes to emphasize the true character of the person.

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9 reactions displayed

"just brilliant.!!! love it"

"I like the realistc style of painting e.g. Normon Rockwell. I also like the theme...brings back memories of long gone fun party days!"

"Looks like my old life...FUN"

"What a great painting!"


"Love it!"

"I really like the realism, and also the use of color in a way that takes one straight back to that era....reminiscent of N. Rockwell. Excellent work!"

"great piece of work......awsmmmmmmmmmmm"

"awsm ......"

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