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Philip McKay  Liverpool, UK

'Signs of life'
Digital photo-manipulation
'Staring at the sea'
Digital photo-manipulation

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About Philip

Philip McKay was born in Anfield, Liverpool, where he still lives today. He’s always had an interest in photography and over the last three years specialized in black and white fine art.

Philip explains his work by saying, “filters play a big part in my photography and for long exposures I use the ndx400 filter and the ndx1000 filter with a exposure time of three minutes or more. Lee neutral density graduated soft filters are also used for shorter exposures.”

Philip also specializes in digital and concept work to create surreal dreamlike images.

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"This is totally Awesome!"

"air with the consistency of a pastry."

"Calming, yet stunning at the same time. Very zen, I agree."

"calming, and stunning at the same time. Very beautiful"



"if you ever been on the Oregon Coast- its like this everyday. Dreamy? C,old, wet, damp and misty- I lived this dream!. And Yes it is pretty even so."

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