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Polymer clay & gypsum
Polymer clay & gypsum

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About Gosia

Gosia studied Illustration at Sheridan College of Art and Design and graduated in 2004. Her illustrated work won several competitions and was featured numerous times in Applied Arts & CMYK magazine.

Gosia explains her work by saying, “Color and line are important elements in my work. They help to capture and communicate the most important aspect of my work, emotion. I am a sensitive person, and while I create whatever I feel somehow gets trapped inside the art. The viewers feel that same emotion. It has become the norm that whenever someone talks to me about my one of my pieces, they inevitably end up describing to me how they feel when they look at it, as well as what they see. It is a powerful connection that I am thankful to be a part of and the reason I keep creating. Themes of nature, love, the human condition and nostalgia dominate my work. Elements of femininity, grace and gentleness permeate the work. The aesthetic is reminiscent of my Eastern European background, bringing in elements and designs from storybooks & art which I grew up reading and adoring.”

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"This one looks really cool. It looks like she is the wind and her hair blowing in the wind!!!"


"wonderful work."

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