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Jeffrey Wolin  Chicago, IL

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About Jeffrey

From the Iliad onward, war has been a major theme in art and literature. With my Holocaust portraits and now with the portraits of Vietnam Veterans, my photograph/text pieces add to our understanding of how the trauma of war affects both combatants and civilians caught in the crossfire. Many important issues of war and peace emerge in the war stories and in the portraits themselves. Many veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some still wear their Vietnam War medals. Some fight for veterans’ medical issues or make art or write books about their experiences. Others have found ways to put their experiences behind them. All were deeply and permanently affected by the war.

I include a snapshot of each individual from the war with my contemporary portrait and war story linking past and present. The show is hung in an installation-style containing these three components. There is also a one-hour DVD compilation of interviews.

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