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Dori DeCamillis  Birmingham, AL

'To Eat the World's Due'
Oil on board
'Thy Self Thy Foe'
Oil on board

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About Dori

Dori received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She has over 30 years painting experience and has exhibited in galleries and museums all over the United States, including a solo shows at the Birmingham Museum of Art and the Mobile Museum of Art.

Dori explains her work by saying, “My recent body of work is a series of self-portraits depicting my own mind-states. Each piece is a character in a private mythology designed to personify my ever-changing thought patterns, habits, and perspectives. These individual pieces of my personality are painted as they come up in my life in an attempt to be more honest with myself and shed an introspective light on my foibles, aspirations, and secrets. By doing so in the public arena I lesson the power these thoughts have over me and reveal human attributes that notionally relate to everyone.”

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"My one day of fame was fun."

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"Saw your paintings today at the art museum in Huntsville. They are very good. One comment on the above paragraph "About Dori." In the last sentence, change "lesson" to "lessen.""

"These really make you think-hard. They're absolutely brilliant. I truly hope you get the recognition you deserve."

"Powerful stuff. Definitely not cute."

"OK, cute and well done...but #1?"

"Love this ladies work. She is an amazing artist, fun person, and great art teacher too. I have learned so much from her!"


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