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Kristen Thiele  Miami, FL

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About Kristen

After Hours is a new series dealing with the ritual that surrounds the cocktail, the accoutrements, the setting, the dress, and the gestures that accompany these things. It’s about the potential for excess and the details that makes it proper; the artifice and drama that make ordinary things magical.

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"I think that if they were photographs they would look even more uninteresting."

"kirsten i sent you numerous photos of your parents' painting that we hace truly truly cherished from the very moment my wife and i saw them almist 40 years ago i hope you enjoy seeing them art surloff"

"I like the concept. I like how you shined light on the simple things in life (ie, gummy bears). This piece seems magical and makes gummy bears seem more than just a yummy snack. I also admire the technical aspects of this painting. You're very talented."

"Looks tasty."

"inretrospect, not having enuf info i cant make an informed response. Go get em."

"I can't help but feel like a need to have the paintings in my home for my children. These pieces definetly come out of an imagination I wish I had."

"To each their own. I never thought I'd rate anything a 1 on here, but this was it. I find nothing original or genius in simple gummi bears painted in an unadorned unimaginative way. This moves nowhere except towards wondering what else this person does. On top of that, I hate gummi bears, so my palate is repulsed. Sorry."

"i think this is great, its very simple, and i like the way you can see the texture of the gummy bears. keep up the good work!"

"This piece is a study in creativity. Imagine the beautiful colors present in everyday non essential items that we purchase, yet take for granted, like candy. Gummi bears are a return to childhood and everything that is sweet. Who knew?Well done. Seeing this display made me happy :)."

"mmm I'd like to see an entire series,jujubes, Good 'n Plenty, Drops, Red Hots, Swedish Fish...."

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