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Mandy Tsung  Vancouver, BC, Canada

'Aura Lupus Canis'
'Spirit Fox'

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About Mandy

Mandy Tsung is a figurative painter based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Mandy explains her work by saying, “My work revolves around the female figure. Ever since I was a young girl, surrounded by literature, magazines, and comics which depicted captivating women, I’ve felt the desire to both emulate and override the imagery that informs my view of what it is to be a woman. As I become more aware of the world around me, I feel a responsibility to present the viewer with something new and, possibly, challenging. The characters in my paintings are meant to be emotive, to communicate personal stories that are open to interpretation by the viewer in whatever way speaks to them. My hope is that they will come away with a new understanding of themselves and the people around them.”

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"I would love to discuss with you the possibility of using a pic of yours as my book cover. The book -so far- is being self published and is a modern take on the myth of the kitsune: A girl who can turn into a fox and the boy who loves her. I am in love with your picture fox spirit because it captures the torn emotion the main character of my novel feels toward her dual identity. The underlying symbolism is the paradox of femininity. Could I use it an credit you? Pay for rights? Please email me your thoughts. Thanks! ~Megan"

"I will be getting this as my first tattoo !!"

"this pic is awesome"

"love this beautiful art"

"thats nice"

"You and your work are ineffably mystical, fascinating, too; the textures are deep and your use of color is extraordinary! Thank you, Mandy.Cordially, Robert"

"beautiful just beautiful"

"beautiful and mystic i love it!!!"

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