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Andy Haynes  Montrose, CA

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About Andy

For Andy Haynes, creating visual art is an expressive outlet for internal emotions and energy. In essence, his art is a concentration of drawing and painting focusing thematically around self-healing and contemporary moral issues. These issues portray both the dark as well as the beautiful sides of youth in the fast paced society of modern America.

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"impressive very cool! lol :)"

"I like the artist's technique and the issues he brings up. These issues can never be "tired" as long as they continue to exist. The best artists create what they are passionate about and it shows in their work. If some of these commentators would check out the artist's site, they'd see he explored many themes besides the oil problem. Yes, the U.S. has many great aspects, but also many problems that need to be addressed, and ignoring them doesn't make them go away. It takes the sensitivity of an artist to bring such issues to attention, in spite of the callous arrogance of those who either deny the problems exist or ignore them."

"By the way?¦ IF you want to actually take action and stop using Carbon fuels yourself check out My entire family drives on vegetable oil. What kind of car do you drive MRS. Kristine?:)"

"You didn't even spell my name right. Criticism is not all positive and I'm allowed to have an opinion. That??s what the website and comments are for. I put my work out there everyday and receive both positive and negative criticism. As long as it is constructive it has a valuable contribution to my work. If the people commenting are artists then they have never been properly critiqued before. My art chair in school and my art director today can be much harsher but I have them to thank for my personal growth. Anybody who??s not ready for feedback isn't ready to put their work out there or make bold statements. I hope the artist realizes that it's not a person attack on any level. If I didn't think it was strong I would not comment at all. I often don't because there is nothing to say either way.Controversy is the entire purpose of this particular work."

"In Response to Mr. Oats' negative criticism about the message in this work, I would like to say that yes, it is true many artists these days have addressed the issues of environment and our oil addiction. However, I disagree with the statement that this is "tired and worn out subject matter." Art is a means of bringing attention to societal issues needing and deserving of the attention. As of yet, our oil crisis has not been solved, and is affecting our society greatly, making this subject quite deserving of the attention. Andy Haynes provocates thoughts about this issue in his own style, for which he should be applauded."

"Very nice."

"Artistically I appreciate the technique, color scheme, and to a degree even the thought. But it is tired and worn out subject matter. As far as beauty is concerned... I think I would define the word very differently from the people who left the previous comments. Leonardo Da Vinci would follow people home to complete a sketch of their features. People considered both "beautiful" and "ugly." terms he would use to do nothing more than describe the coordinates of a common spectrum that achieved and merited a closer look and contained unique character traits. Both terms were purely descriptive and so equally valuable especially in art.I know, I know... humanity (at least us vile westerners) are all oil hungry. But the statement has been made and is no longer provocative or compelling no matter how high quality the design aspect is."

"these paintings are very good, and they convey a message as well.good job man!"

"Very Unique."

"Those paintings are good."

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