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Andy Leipzig  Miami, FL

Digital painting / collage
'Graffiti Supplies'
Digital painting / collage

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About Andy

Andy “Zig” Leipzig is a contemporary artist whose work crosses the boundaries of classical art and modern technology. Diametrically opposed themes, He weaves together the visual language of fine art and the media driven realities of the modern world into an extraordinarily powerful synthesis and an incisive comment on art, perception and the human condition.

Influenced by society’s increasing commercialization, “Zig” creates surrealist works that are acutely intuitive but do not take themselves too seriously.

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"Funny, thought-provoking, scary, well-crafted, irreverent. Some of your work I didn't get but I thought most of it was really great."

"Imaginative. I think there are some even more inventive ones on the website."

"The hawk's have left the nest and the vultures have settled true. I laughed at first. Then I started to think how I have seen so much of this in my own experience. Tears. Your portfolio is magnificent. Fantastic technique and detail. Your imagination is off the charts! No, it's more than that. It's "cugat!" I love your work and your "sig" Andy Zig! I would be thrilled and very proud to live with any one of your masterpieces. TYJ"


"Such great talent, and very thought provoking too,"


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