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Sicioldr  Tuscania, Italy

'Tav.8 (The Goddess)'
Colored pencil on yellow paper
Colored pencil on yellow paper

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About Sicioldr

About Sicioldr:

Sicioldr is an italian self-taught artist born in 1990. His visionary style is influenced by the study of artists like Giraud, Bosch, Bruegel, Serafini, Seba and by his interests of the relationship between alchemy and psychology. His uncanny subjects are images coming from the unconscious, represented by the author through a rigorous and elegant style of drawing.

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'Penciled In'



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"Wonderful Sicioldr !!"

"Truly consistent and high quality surrealism. It's hard to find artists willing to explore and present a particular genre this tenaciously. What amazes me and spurs my admiration is Sicioldr's ability to seemingly disattatch in totality the mind's natural tendency toward rational explanation and allow the abstract and plastic to merge believably, one image after the other, with the concrete and mundane. golly-gosh..."

"Wonderful and creepy at the same time"

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