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Ezequiel Ruiz  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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About Ezequiel

Ezequiel, aka Ezecuchy, is a graphic design student at the University of Buenos Aires. He has already built an impressive portfolio of collage pieces which reflect the influences of the old masters. Already making a name for himself, we expect to see Ezequiel’s work around for a long time.

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muy bueno, como siempre!

I like this work a lot, but it is very close to superstar artist Claudine Hellmuth's work.

I like it alot....but seems to be mostly digital, can
anyone answer this for me.....eduardo's work is
obviously similar, i do like eduardo's work better,
maybe because its more raw materials and less
digital. very good though Eze.

STREEEEET DUDE IM Gonna Wheat Paste this art. i love it and i want everyone else to!.

Muy bueno!!!! :)

totally cool! I love the old-look. Wondermus

wow i totally love it. i have tried to do stuff like this but it doesnt come out like yours/ beautiful!

So this is a very wonderful panting and how are the words are upside down. BEAUTIFIL!!!

This is exactly like Eduardo Recife's work at

que bueno. How humorous and beguiling. Wonderful textures and images. I like everiything except the hand-drawing on the images. 5 stars

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