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Antoine Renault  Paris, France

'Rayon vert'

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About Antoine

Antoine Renault is a self taught painter who lives and works in the suburbs of Paris, France. He has a deep rooted connection to water and it manifests itself clearly in his work.

Antoine describes his work by saying, “Water is always in my colors. The sea is never far away. I do everything for her to come home. In fact, my real motivation is her. It remains the guiding thread of my inspiration.”

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2 comments from the artist

"@Sandi LaabsThx for your kind comments and this lovely reference to your friend. Sorry I just read your message now...Yes prints are available worldwide through Saatchi art at"

"@Barry, Marsha, Meghan, ... thx for your kind comments :)! the more I see emotions at work, the more I realise the importance of ocean/water in our lives"

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"My best friends looks exactly like your beautiful painting "Blaine de soleil" she is blonde a loves the water. She swims around the island where her family cottage built about the 1930's., in Northern Ontario, Canada. I would love to buy a print & surprise her...Are they available in Toronto Ontario area? Thank you so very much...I am a fan."

"Big fan - for me the paintings make me feel the water. It is the sensation of touch meeting memories. Wonderfully captured."

"When I saw him for the first time in France I knew that he will become a famous artist :)"

"If only I had money I would buy the top one for over my bed. Just lovely."

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