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Julie Davidow  Miami, FL

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About Julie

I am a frustrated scientist collecting specimens of the organic and inorganic worlds, motivated to create art by an endless curiosity for the natural sciences, the systems that govern its functions, and the relationship of those systems colliding with man’s coexistence and interference. These relationships are explored through painting, drawing, and site-specific wall drawings of biomorphic shapes. These shapes interact and respond to one another, like organisms under a microscope, spreading tendrils out into the space of the two dimensional plane.

The New Strain continues my exploration of man’s interference with the systems that govern our ecology. This new series of paintings reveal a more dynamic and complex organization as conflicts heat up. The introduction of more acid and fluorescent colors to an otherwise subdued palette supports this intensification. Fiery, biomorphic forms seek to infiltrate and infect the status quo, while interference pigments, those that produce the spectrum of color found in butterfly wings, bird feathers, beetles, and seashells, allude to the disruption of this tenuous balance. Masses of flat color reference both the built environment encroaching on these systems, and the subsequent retreat of regions considered too remote to be affected.

The abstractions evoke various organisms glimpsed in a moment of transition, growth, reproduction, mutation, and conflict. Each painting is a snapshot, a momentary glimpse of an interaction. The imagery is drawn from biological, sexual, botanical, geological, cartographic, and architectural influences. Like “characters” in a story, the shapes animate the space, and create a narrative as they appear and reappear throughout the body of my work. Taken together, individual paintings could represent events occurring simultaneously within a singular body.

The web-like ground of my paintings is created from a series of folding. This ground invokes the body ‘ intimating skin, tissue, muscles, and cellular structures. Ghosts of cellular changes are revealed in this “skin” ‘ a hint of what has occurred and is fading from view – previous battles won or lost, scars of conflict. Or possibly, these “ghosts” are indications of that which is emerging- responding to invasion, stimulation, acting as defense.

Order is intrinsic to the universe- what appears to be chaos is the action of that order. A grid or remnants of a grid system is purposefully infused into the ground during the folding process. This establishes the architecture of the space and creates a diagrammatic structure in which to compose these landscapes.

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"I really enjoyed this artists work. Strangely familiar but at the same time pretty arcane. It's abstract in form, but it's not as viewer dependent as pure abstraction usually is."


"Dear artist,Thank you for sharing! I don't usually comment, but I noticed a couple of things not yet mentioned. First, I like the way you "break the frame." That immediately gives me a sensation of motion. In the top photo, the use of the floor also seems inviting, as if I am to step forward *into* the painting. This is very clear in the photo, so I imagine the effect is more intense in person. Second, you use the angle of the wall effectively in both works, increasing the sense of movement and of dimensionality. The works could swallow one! O, the strain!I did not see any doilies (sorry, Friend Roger). Doilies are so symmetrically formed. These works are not "managed" in the way of that craft."

"I think the doily reference adds even more dimension to the work...after all the artist is references the tradition of labor intensive domestic hand work but the work is in a contemporary context...these works were also labor intensive. Don't be so literal Roger!...this work is something that the artist is passionate about - you may not share her passion but you can admire her skill and technical ability."

"Julie, I read the people who replied, other than myself, DO NOT TAKE to heart the unkind remark's!!!!! They don't know Sh*t about what they say!!! Keep doing what you are doing! It's GRAND!"

"I sexist thought came to me unbidden intuitively: these are giant doilles. That is truly what they are. She doesn't even recognize them for the thought is so subliminal."

"Beautiful forms. Love the concept. Love the decisive angles and organic fractals. The photos of your work could use some tweaking. I don't think they quite do the scope and detail justice."

"wow, I'm thrilled to see something here with a concept, and they are beautiful too!"

"I simply cannot process from these photos and text. This si too obtuse with the information available. Obviously the young lady is very intense about her systems but I cannot comprehend. Need more study ."

"Julie, Nice work. Very clever. In your free time, come over and do my house:) Lindalou"

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