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Aaron McConomy  Montreal, QC, Canada

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About Aaron

Aaron McConomy was raised in the fragrant pine forests of Alberta. After falling out with conceptualism he moved to Montreal where he became a founding member of the YPF. He has shown extensively in Montreal, Toronto and LA but should probably try harder to show in other places. His current obsessions include girls with cute ears, prancy dogs, goauche and naps.

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'Lions Tigers And Bears'

10 of 12 reactions displayed

"fantastic work"

"It's different, but sometimes that is a good thing. I liked the birds over powering the bear. I liked that a real lot. The other, I was a little lost for words. Your images in general were grand"

"i can't help but thinking that these would make great t-shirts!"

"Like the movie better, the Village right? M. Night is the coolest!"

"omg...i love your ideas, and you can see the influence of living in a natural enviornment, my affinity for animals increases the effect your work has, :)"

"I like the 2nd image. Pretty nice concept."

"What is YPF? I have never heard of this and am very interested in what he co-founded"

"i like these, but... understanding there's nothing new under the sun... i still get a little uncomfortable when one person's work looks *so* much like someone else's (Amy Cutler's) work."

"After falling out with conceptualism...girls with cute ears, and happens to all of us...hang in there bro!"

"What truly inspiring work! I love the clean, crisp empty space and how it focuses on the utter creativity of the subjects. An added animal element is always a plus, too!Simply wonderful!"

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