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Kikyz1313  Queretaro, Mexico

'El colmo de un sordo · tribute to Goya's Soplones'
'Ethereal Graze'
Ink/watercolor on paper

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About Kikyz1313

Kikyz1313 is an artist working out of Querétaro, México. She earned a BFA from the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro.

She explains the work by saying, “I’m trying to build trough my work not only an emotional momentum, I also want to provide an intellectual exercise by means of each person envision of reality. The viewer will face an opposing series of thoughts and emotions, as he is evoked by the obsessive detail in forms and technique, pleasant color vibrations and compositions. But as the analytic step of perception takes place and the viewer truly embraces the artwork’s wretched and subversive subject matters he will generate an opinion and will dialog with the artwork until in some way or another there will be a modification in the viewer’s common perception of things such as disease or death itself which are often rejected, states of man that truly defines and recall our ephemeral existence as well as placing doubt in our vain and materialistic way of experiencing life. I want to share my own vision of life and what I think it matters most, maybe the viewer will relate to my work and solve or have an inner discussion with his own concerns, maybe the viewer will be morally disturbed or will find confusion. In any case my intentions are to open dialog and provoke thoughts and reflexions, which I think must be always the primordial pursue of contemporary art.”

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"So beautiful and so horrifying."

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