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Claire Brewster  London, UK

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About Claire

The artist, as an outsider, is ideally placed for picking up that which has been chucked out. Claire Brewster’s work is about retrieving the discarded, celebrating the unwanted and giving new life to the obsolete.

In between the glossy consumption of first-time retailed goods and those which are thrown out (to be incinerated or land-filled) is the netherworld of the second hand. Flea markets, carboots sales, and charity shops. Perhaps you can tell as much about a society by what it thows out as by what it puts in its museums as mementos of prior existence. It is the discarded and the second hand that provides Claire with much of her raw material and inspiration. In terms of her work environment, it is by surrounding herself with this that she creates her magical landscapes. This is not out of nostalgia but a genuine fascination with ‘things’, a desire to examine the overlooked. From this stating point, Brewster develops work that it greater than the sum of its parts.

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"Very Nice style & TechniqueVery skeletal & lacyThe colors are exceptional"

"I like the bird. Wonderful colors. Wonderful refuse."

"Meticulous craftsmanship and intelligent ideas.I love it!"

"Claire, I had to work late, but I came home and looked 1 more time at your work. First of all I give anyone credit for the recycling--- but your work gave me peace of mind. THANK YOU"

"I enjoy how three dimensions have been pulled out of two at just the right points of colour."


"gorgeous, the colors and the way you set up the image is incredible."

"These are gorgeous.. I love that they're made from "junk".. very creative."

"Lovely!!And so interesting... Hard to imagine it's all made from things which have been thrown out.These both almost look like they are made of paper... Are they?"

"Intricate and abstract!"

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