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Daehyun Kim  Seoul, South Korea

'Creatures of the Deep'
Pigment liner and marker on a paper
'Singking of you'
Pigment liner and marker on a paper

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About Daehyun

Daehyun Kim was born in Seoul in 1980, and continues to live and work in Seoul. He majored in oriental painting which is study about the old east-asian painting. Daehyun has been drawing his “Moonassi” series since he studied at university. He considers the series to be his life-time project. There is no specific background story or a theory to the drawings. Each drawing is created based on his daily thoughts and feelings.

Daehyun explains the work by saying, “I draw to meditate on me and others, and to be able to see the whole story of the series in the end. The face with no expression actually is borrowed from old buddhist painting which has always fascinated me since University. I thought that the face is perfect to conceal their feelings, because I don’t want to show directly if this guy is good or bad through their faces. The black simple suit that looks like underwear has been chosen to make you only focus on their gesture. I purposely don’t show the time, region or gender.”

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'South Korea'


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"Thought provoking"

"creating the illusion of color and depth of field using only B/W is difficult. When dealing with the universe as a backdrop, even more so. While the void as a subject is cold and foreboding, somehow this feels warm and inviting. Impressive"

"At first I thought it was someone looking in ta mirror. Now I see it is someone floating in water looking to the shy and seeing a spirit that is winking at him."


"Wow! Got the crossed up Positive-Negative space thing going on! Cool! Someone is always looking over calm..."

"I tired to contact him because I would love to have a piece of work. He is in my virtual gallery. It is a combination of beautiful craft and psychology."

"a beautiful study in black and white that is cosmic and introspective."



"gorgeousness in simplicity"

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